Sunday, October 13, 2013

Carving night

I feel as if October has been eluding me, so we decided to carve a pumpkin tonight.
I asked my other half if he carved pumpkins as a child...
his response was, 'I don't know...I don't really remember...' to which I replied, 'if you don't remember carving pumpkins, then it never happened'


  1. that is such a Beautiful candid, made me Smile.
    awwww & what a Sweet little (man) date you have there, Love how your hands are touching..Pure Halloween.

    Thanks for sharing something so Personal as a family memory in the making.. :)

  2. so glad it made you smile :) and i love that you noticed the hands.
    thanks for the appreciation, sweet lady...

    it's definitely a special thing, sharing my favorite holiday with that little man of mine...making Halloween memories is now a whole new ballgame :)