Saturday, August 31, 2013

Part of the reason I refuse to own a smart phone.


I wish I could find a clear photo of this painting...I think it's wonderful.  You can almost smell the smoke from that pile of brush and feel cold air on your cheeks.  An ideal setting for me.  My goal in life is to simply acquire land and an old farm house...and 5 million dollars.

If this print wasn't sold out, you could purchase it here.

Thanks, Mamie.

Friday, August 30, 2013


I want to see this...mostly because that kid from There Will Be Blood is so good at being a weirdo.

I mean, look at him.

Wilson County

I just really like everything about this.

In July of 1940, Levi Simmons, an African American student of the Menchew 4-H Club of Wilson County, was awarded the 4-H Club scholarship to A and T College. He is shown in this black and white photograph standing in front of an acre of ripe corn which was one of seven projects conducted that year. In the photograph, he is standing with his left hand on a cornstalk which towers over him. His right hand holds a thick manila envelope. He is wearing a light colored,long sleeve, open collared shirt and dungarees with a belt.

From Learn NC

Looks like all I need is a gluestick.

I'm going to start throwing 'you'ill' around a lot more...I've been meaning to do that anyway.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

"With every bite, my memory of him grew stronger..."

The Cannibal of Rotenburg

If you've never read the story, click here


I feel like if this isn't one of the Ten Commandments, it should be.

Image found at Enjoy the Random

Have I died recently...and was my name Roger Bucklesby?

Kenny and his pumpkin.


Bad acting and Canadian accents aside, I was a fan of Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask episode.  I'm not entirely sure why, but I think a lot of it had to do with this scene:

That little novelty shop, the leaves skipping across the the street, and of course, those kids pulling a wagon of jack-o-lanterns on an autumn evening. It's a scene that I was sure I would encounter in the coming years of my life, but now assume no longer exists.

Image from The Blood-Curdling Blog of Monster Masks

Is there no way out of the mind?

None of us seems a psychologically able to cope with the thought of our own state of death, with the idea of a permanent unconsciousness in which there is neither void nor vacuum -- in which there is simply nothing.
                                                                -Sherwin B. Nuland, excerpt from 'How We Die'

I could get into a whole metaphysical thing here, but I'm not going to

Phantom Manor

I'm not a Disneyland type...not even close.  But I was surprised at how much I adored this photo, and even more surprised to learn that there is a Disneyland in Paris. Disneylands everywhere.

Maybe this is what's wrong with the world.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Faces like balloons...

I saw too many faces today
faces like balloons.

at times I felt like
lifting the skin
and asking,
"anybody under there?"

there are medical terms for
fear of height
fear of
enclosed spaces.

there are medical terms for
any number of

there must be a medical term
"too many people."

I’ve been stricken with
this malady
all my life:
there has always been
"too many people."

I saw too many faces
today, hundreds of

with eyes, ears, lips,
mouths, chins and so

I’ve been alone
for several hours

I feel that I am

which is the good part
but the problem
that I know I’m going to
have to go out there
among them

   - Charles Bukowski

Come home.

A perfect Halloween scene...

Purchase a print here.


Orange and Black

I want to believe that it is possible to have a home tastefully dedicated to orange and black year 'round...and one day, I will have that home.

O, Death...

When you put it this way, it doesn't seem so bad.