Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back Home on the Farm.

Yesterday was spent on a big farm in rural Virginia..
 My kid, after browsing a giant field full of orange pumpkins, found two tiny white gourds and said,"I'm ready!" and trudged back down the hill alone with a gourd in each hand...and got back on the tractor. He knows what he likes, apparently.


  1. Isn't that the way though? The wee tyke always knows exactly what he is.

  2. omg...that last pic of your little man made my heart all FAT & kinda ooze, better go change my shirt now.
    (i Highly approve of his choices too) :)

    man he is the Sweetest little dude..<33333

    HAPPY Halloween girlie..Have a Lovely day!!!

    1. you're the coolest.

      thanks so much, and a Happy Halloween to you...hope your day is beautiful!