Friday, December 7, 2012

The Self-Sufficient Life

I'm going to be honest, the series 'Doomsday Preppers' on the National Geographic channel irks the hell out of me.  Sure the world might end and/or become extremely horrible to live in and if that were to ever happen, why would you want to go on?  I wouldn't.  Furthermore, these 'doomsday' prophecies are all old news.  Folks stay shouting from their rooftops about 'signs, signs, signs!' Honestly, it would have been more believable when the plague was killing off thousands, or when Hilter had a death grip on humanity.  The problem is now, that every little Earth tremor or terrorist act, or rebellion again religion, or sickness is amplified and then pinged around in cyberspace or via cellphones until it becomes a looming and exaggerated terror which forces those to want to prepare and take shelter from the impending shit storm which is awaiting us in the future.   Now to get to my point, I've always admired those who have the ability and knowledge to live self-sufficiently.  Not to be confused with those who are simply preparing for catastrophe, but those who find the true beauty in living off of the land and working for their survival, passing on the knowledge to their children for the greater good.

Therefore you might find posts throughout this blog as how to go about living self-sufficiently and happily.  I didn't want anyone to confuse these posts with my wanting to 'prep' for some apocalyptic time, but I want to make this modern world a little less suffocating by learning how to live simply and beautifully.  

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